Artistic Science

Over the course of the last two decades, in so many ways, the world around us has both evolved immensely and stayed the same. There is a similarity to my own experience. I have learned and expanded my mind greatly, while at the same time stayed true to who I am.


The man behind the mark


I am a business strategy expert and organizational advisor working at the forefront of applying creative business thinking to real-world challenges.  In 2001 I founded Sievers & Co., a business strategy consultancy with a reputation for innovative solutions.  I have lived on three continents and worked with a diverse amalgam of clients across many industries. Today I coach business leaders on how to unlock the power and effectiveness of their teams.

As a trusted advisor, coach, and presenter, I work to advance the very best organizational effectiveness thinking and practical application of business strategy.  I received my BA in Anthropology from Iowa State University, and my MBA in International Management from the United Business Institutes in Brussels Belgium.