Artistic Science

My approach to engagements and work is one of partnership with a learning orientation, meaning I focus on understanding the challenge at hand and adapting my creative and strategic insight so it can be applied most effectively to each client's unique need.

The art of making things work

I have spent my career passionately partnering with clients to achieve their business strategy, marketing communications, and project management goals effectively and successfully. I bring to my clients a powerful combination of cross-industry experience and cross-discipline know-how, driven by my keen interest in creating real and lasting solutions to market challenges and business problems.  I have developed a method to find value across boundaries, develop insights my clients can act upon, empower their teams to deliver consistent results, and to energize their brand.  This is how I do it:

The science of making things happen

Ask & Listen

I devote myself to becoming an expert in each client's business by asking the right questions and actively listening.  I develop a holistic understanding of my client's situation and need so I may focus on creating the right solution for the challenge the company needs addressed.

Regardless of the size or complexity of a consulting project I work to understand my client's concerns, challenges, dreams, desires, and any other telling information that will help to create a real and lasting strategy and business solution.

Apply & Work

Once I have a holistic understanding of the situation and the real needs at hand, I partner with my client to agree on a set of goals and begin developing a usable and enduring solution.

I apply my expertise through both creative and strategic thinking and use program and project management methodologies I have developed to ensure structure and executability.  I work diligently to bring significant and real value to the project, team, and client.

Partner & Execute

I know that the most effective way to ensure a client achieves their goals is to partner with them and share in the execution.  I work with my clients from the first day and through each concept iteration to help them understand the very essence of the art and science that is a part of the strategy, communications, or project solution I have developed for the client.

I engage with each client to put the strategy in place and to see it through to a successful delivery and implementation.

Practiced and perfected

Though I have worked across a wide range of scenarios—with CEOs that are leading their organization to greater efficiency, and entrepreneurs driving innovation toward greater adoption—I have the agility to cover that spectrum with the principles of strategy, communications, and project management I have developed and honed over the course of my career.  The fundamental business principles I use are similar to laws of physics in that they are predictable and can be mastered.

My mastery of business management is not only evident in the expertise and wisdom I bring to each client project, but also in my practiced and perfected methodology for applying creative and strategic capabilities to my clients' needs, and putting an effective solution in place for their business. The energetic client relationships and positive results I generate time and again are simultaneously my greatest passion and source of pride.