Creative Thinking, Strategic Action

The business world is teaming with complex challenges that impact businesses in many different ways. I strive to help clients be the best in their business by providing that specialized expertise needed to effectively meet business challenges head-on.

From entrepreneurs to enterprises

I work with clients to create real business strategy, marketing communications, and program management solutions that take advantage of their strengths, and that make the most of their opportunities.  My work is supported by my own project and program management methodologies enabling me to deliver consistent results for my clients.

Whether a client's product or service is new to the market, they are reformulating to capture an unmet need, repositioning to reach a new market, wanting to grow a team, or in need of a visual refresh to breathe new life into a brand, I have the experience and capability to make a real difference in a company's ability to perform and reaches its goals successfully.

Business Strategy

Leadership & Business Coaching

Working one-on-one with a business leader (or leadership team) to develop and advance their capacity for effective leadership.

Vision & Mission Development

Defining or reinventing the purpose and direction of your business. Channeling entrepreneurship. Encouraging, developing, and implementing great ideas.

Idea Generation

From brainstorming to laying out a strategy for new products, services, methods, or processes.

Issues Survey & Analysis

Finding your obstacles’ root causes, separating symptoms, and finding solutions.

Team Assessment

Analyzing your teams to identify what really works and planning how to fix what does not.

Change Management

Preparing a readiness and execution strategy for planned changes.

Planning for Growth

Smart and measured expansion for your people and products.


Marketing Communica- tions

Communications Strategy

Defining your overall approach to connecting with your stakeholders.

Internal Communications

Fostering understanding, collective buy-in, feedback, and morale for your teams.

External Communications

Ensuring effective two-way communication with external stakeholders.

Public Relations Communications

Properly managing and effectively driving your firm’s public image.

Target Customer Profile

Identifying, understanding, and customizing for your markets.

Copy Writing

Putting pen to paper for your PR and marketing; capturing the tone of your brand in any prose.


Brand Identity Design

Creating or reestablishing an effective and lasting visual foundation for your brand image.

Name Development

Coining a memorable brand name or phrase that will resonate with your audience.

Brand Strategy

Mapping out every aspect of your brand and connecting it across your business strategy and communications.

Brand Management

Ensuring clarity, consistency, and value across your brand image.

Brand Equity Development

Growing the market value of your brand with familiarity and recognition.

Style Guide & Identity Usage

Establishing consistent visual use of all aspects of your brand identity.


Program Management

Project Management

Strategic planning, organization, and tactical execution of a project, including defining scope, coordinating resources, managing budget, executing deliverables and coordinating timeline for delivery.

Rhythm of the Business (RoB)

Understanding project phases and series, long-term strategy, and project timelines as they intersect, create dependencies, and require resolution.

Program Management

Application of advanced methodologies to coordinate knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, and resources across projects aligned to a common strategic objective, providing benefits and control across projects in a unified effort.

Project/Program Management Organization (PMO)

Establishing a project portfolio and organization and governance mechanism to manage project intake, prioritization, resourcing, timeline, stakeholder management, and execution protocols.