Creative Thinking, Strategic Action

Each of our environments are teaming with complex challenges that impact our businesses, lives, and livelihoods in many different ways. I strive to help my clients to be their best by providing a unique combination of organizational advisory and business strategy expertise. My goal is to help my clients effectively meet their business challenges head-on.


From entrepreneurs to enterprises

I work with clients to create real and lasting change that take advantage of their strengths, and help to make the most of their opportunities.  My organizational advisory and business strategy work is supported by my own program management methodology enabling me to deliver consistent results for my clients.

I have helped to drive a number wide array of endeavors for my clients, including bringing new products and services to market, reformulating to capture an unmet need, repositioning to reach a new market, growing a team capability, creating a visual refresh to breathe new life into a brand, and so much more. I have the experience and capability to make a real difference in a company's ability to perform and reaches its goals successfully.

Business Strategy

Strategic Planning & Ideation

From structured brainstorming to laying out a strategy for new products, services, methods, or processes.  Focusing on the Big Picture to address your biggest challenges and develop a long-range strategic plan that is tactically executable from the outset.

C-Suite Advisory & Facilitation

Guided executive and strategic leadership engagement to unlock and articulate the driving themes necessary to address for leadership alignment of vision, mission, team building and development, leading to reliable execution of key initiatives.

Transformation for Business

Laying the groundwork to successfully pivot a business model, operating model, or prepare to engage a new market.  Identifying the experience and capability necessary to build a roadmap to transform an organization, brand, or business mindset.


Organizational Advisory

Leadership & Business Coaching

Working one-on-one with a business leader (or leadership team) to develop and advance their capacity for effective leadership.

Vision & Mission

Defining or reinvigorating the purpose and direction of your business. Channeling entrepreneurship. Encouraging, developing, and pursuing great ideas.

for Teams

Finding the root causes of your team's true obstacles, separating out symptoms, and creating a path to address what must be fixed.